Friday, March 5, 2010

The girls made lunch!:)

The girls decided yesterday they wanted to pick out and cook what we would have for lunch..So of course I agreed!:) They decided on...

Chicken nuggets made with Shake and Bake, carrots and cantaloupe( I am thinking they had orange on the brain yesterday haha!;) But lunch was delicious and they were so proud of themselves and so was I!:)

Morgan shakin her chicken!;)

She can even do tricks with it haha;)

Maddie really gets into to this! lol

Making sure she didn't hurt it..haha;)

All done!:)

Now I can't remember if this pic was taken before or after they entered the oven..excuse the preggo brain lol..either way they came out great!:)
Mason trying out his sisters cooking..and going by the ketchup on his face I am going to say he approves!:)

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