Monday, August 30, 2010

We WILL Survive!!!:)

I just HAD to share this video again since most of us have started a new year these past couple of weeks and for those of you just now starting your homeschooling journey..Take it from someone who has walked before you, I promise you..YOU WILL SURVIVE!!:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our First Week!!!:)

We kicked off our year with a field trip to Lewisville to visit an Alpaca farm, we had so much fun learning and meeting up with some of our homeschool friends!:) Fun Times!

The kiddos building a tower:)

Mason with one of his Activities from his Preschool Bags! He LOVES them!:)

The girls doing Spelling( oh how we LOVE All About Spelling!!)

Maddie working on her handwriting( So far we are really enjoying "Handwriting without Tears!)

Morgan working on her Writing Strands work:)

Maddie during her Computer Time:)

Check it out what Morgan made with her Math U See blocks! She is SO CREATIVE!!!:) (yes she does use them for her Math work too! hehe;)

We have been reading "The Secret Garden" during our lunch time and the girls have SO enjoyed this book and even begged me to read it to them at night, and so here they are ready to hear more of the story! They don't know it yet, but I am surprising them with the movie when we are done!!:) LOVE IT!!:)

And can't leave Micah out!..Here is what he spends most of the school day doing..hehe;)

We are having SO much fun this year!!..This week was as near perfect as we can get on this side of heaven, God's presence was so powerful as He poured into me and my children and we are SO blessed! I do believe this is going to be one AMAZING year!!!:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Flat Adventure!!

Me and the kiddos need your help! We are going to be studying different countries this year and since we can't physically go to all these places, we decided to embark on the Flat Adventure! Our first country is America, so all you mommas( homeschool or not) that would like to participate,... please email me at and I will get you all the details!!

Here is the kiddos with their Flat version of themselves!!:) Please help send our 'Flat Kids" all over America!! hehe;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's that time again...

Time to get ready for our school year!:) Even though there has been so much learning going on around the Smith household with baby Micah now apart of our family!:) Its also time to get ready to start back with our basic school subjects with also a TON of field trips planned!!

Planning this school year was alittle bit different with a newborn and adding a 2 and half year old who is ready to learn into the mix hehe;)... So I had to come up with a new scheduling format, and the answer to my prayers was in "Managers of Their Homes" book and kit! It is AWESOME and I highly recommend it to all families!! :) Here is some pics of our schedule all set up:)

Everyone is color coded so we all know who is doing what at what times:)

I laminated the time sheets, names, and activity squares and then added velcro tabs on both the time sheet and activity squares to make it easier to move things around when needed!:)

If you want to learn more about this AWESOME book and kit you can find it here:

And then it was time to figure out what materials to use this year;)..Most of it was pretty much the same with a few things added in;) Here is our list!..

Bible: We will be doing our morning readings and devotions and fun activites from our awesome Hands On Bible!:)

Spelling: All About Spelling( I found this Spelling curriculum to be a awesome blend of not only spelling but also phonics! And it is a multisensory curriculum which I LOVE!

Math: We will continue with Math U See, which is also a multisensory curriculum and it made Math click with my kids and we can't wait to start back!:)

Writing and Language Arts: Morgan will be finishing up Primary Language Lessons and starting Writing Strands..Maddie will be start Handwriting without Tears( Can't wait to start this as I have heard amazing reviews!)

Reading: They will both continue with their computer program( Sound Reading) and I have bought the book "Teaching to Read using Manipulatives" and I am SO excited to use some of the creative hands on ideas in there!) and of course LOTS of read alouds from the library:)

Mason will be starting Preschool Activties in a Bag and is SO excited to start his schooltime hehe;)

And we will be adding our My Father's World curriculum back in Jan! SO excited about that!:)

We also have SO many fun field trips planned! Here is just a few:)

* Alpaca Farm

*Back to School Party

* Popcorn Farm

* Fishing Class

*Greensboro Recycling Center

*Animals of the Piedmont Class

*Old Salem

*Police Safety Class

* Greensboro Airport

And thats just for the next two months!!:)

Our first day will start August 23rd( with a field trip, how cool is that?!?hehe) and I have decided to start a year round approach so we will go 6 weeks on and then take one week for vacation, I think we will enjoy this so much more as it will give a more relaxed approach to our homeschooling:)

We are SO excited to get back into the groove of things and look forward to seeing what all God has in store for our homeschool year!!:)