Thursday, April 22, 2010

Math U See!:)

Oh how we just LOVE LOVE LOVE this Math curriculum!! I honestly don't know how we were doing Math before..And I only wish I had of learned Math this way!:) The kids are SO excited about Math now that its the first thing they ask to do!..Which totally makes this momma HAPPY!:)..I have also had to save it for last so they are encouraged to finish their other assignments and they call Math their FUN time! How awesome is that?!?!:) We are breezing through the lessons, Morgan has already scored 100%s on all her tests so far and Maddie is doing amazing as well! LOVE IT!:) I also knew once we received our blocks that we would need a special "home" for them and when I came across this idea, I just KNEW I had to do it!:) Our container finally arrived and I just wanted to share our Math block's..NEW HOME:) hehe;)

If you are intersted in this totally amazing Math Curriculum you can find more information at

OR if you are already a Math U See user and want to purchase one of these "homes" for your blocks:) can find it here!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Animal Memory Game..

We learned how Scientists group and classify animals into five groups( fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds)

And that Mammals are animals like cats, dogs, and sheep that nurse their young( with milk). Most of them don't lay eggs-they give birth to live young."

Reptiles lay eggs and have dry, scaly skin. Turtles and snakes are reptiles.

We then played a fun Memory Game to help us remember what we learned!:)

Living/Non-Living Things

God created Living and Non-Living Things...The girls made a chart to label all they found in Genesis 1..:)

Cotton Gin

We have been learning about Eli Whitney and how he invented the cotton gin and the girls did an activity to realize how hard it would have been to pick all those seeds off the cotton one by one! At the end Morgan replied.. Mom..Eli was a genius! I have to say I agree!!:)


We have been learning about cells and made a model to help us remember all the parts!:)

Lamb of God

As we were studying the Passover and learning our memory verse " The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" John 1:29..We made Lambs to help us remember that Jesus is the Lamb of God!:)


Scavenger Hunt;)

The kiddos loved searching for these treasures!!:)

Mason found a flower, a stick and a YELLOW tractor;)

Maddie found a leaf, something SOFT( sand) and something RED( toy car lol)

Morgan found a Y shaped stick, something WHITE( a ball) and a pinecone

And Morgan totally earned extra credit when she spotted this beauty in our backyard!!