Thursday, April 22, 2010

Math U See!:)

Oh how we just LOVE LOVE LOVE this Math curriculum!! I honestly don't know how we were doing Math before..And I only wish I had of learned Math this way!:) The kids are SO excited about Math now that its the first thing they ask to do!..Which totally makes this momma HAPPY!:)..I have also had to save it for last so they are encouraged to finish their other assignments and they call Math their FUN time! How awesome is that?!?!:) We are breezing through the lessons, Morgan has already scored 100%s on all her tests so far and Maddie is doing amazing as well! LOVE IT!:) I also knew once we received our blocks that we would need a special "home" for them and when I came across this idea, I just KNEW I had to do it!:) Our container finally arrived and I just wanted to share our Math block's..NEW HOME:) hehe;)

If you are intersted in this totally amazing Math Curriculum you can find more information at

OR if you are already a Math U See user and want to purchase one of these "homes" for your blocks:) can find it here!



  1. Love this idea! I am looking into math u see now, i just cant decide.

  2. Hi Candi!! You should totally give it a try, we LOVE it!! What Math curriculum are you using now??

  3. Wow, I love how you have your blocks stored! I may need to get one of those!
    Anna- MFW

  4. Hi Anna! You SO should! It has made Math time so much easier because we know where everything is AND it keeps my 2 year from losing them all! hehe!;)