Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our First Week!!!:)

We kicked off our year with a field trip to Lewisville to visit an Alpaca farm, we had so much fun learning and meeting up with some of our homeschool friends!:) Fun Times!

The kiddos building a tower:)

Mason with one of his Activities from his Preschool Bags! He LOVES them!:)

The girls doing Spelling( oh how we LOVE All About Spelling!!)

Maddie working on her handwriting( So far we are really enjoying "Handwriting without Tears!)

Morgan working on her Writing Strands work:)

Maddie during her Computer Time:)

Check it out what Morgan made with her Math U See blocks! She is SO CREATIVE!!!:) (yes she does use them for her Math work too! hehe;)

We have been reading "The Secret Garden" during our lunch time and the girls have SO enjoyed this book and even begged me to read it to them at night, and so here they are ready to hear more of the story! They don't know it yet, but I am surprising them with the movie when we are done!!:) LOVE IT!!:)

And can't leave Micah out!..Here is what he spends most of the school day doing..hehe;)

We are having SO much fun this year!!..This week was as near perfect as we can get on this side of heaven, God's presence was so powerful as He poured into me and my children and we are SO blessed! I do believe this is going to be one AMAZING year!!!:)


  1. What an awesome post about a great week! I love all your pics to correspond with your summary...and what your daughter did with her MUS blocks is just what my girls do with them, too! :^) I also have to say that I sincerely hope my little daycare boy (who will come to me in early October) participates for us as Micah does for you! :^)

  2. LOL, MUS blocks are good for all sorts of things, aren't they? Rachael would MUCH rather build with them than use them for their intended purpose. Looks like a wonderful first week! I need to update about ours too, but I didn't take as many great pics. ;)

  3. love all your pictures. and your little guy is ADORABLE!

  4. OK,I have to know where you got this background? I soooo want! I m new to home schooling :)