Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh how I love..

ORGANIZATION!!! When everything has its home it leaves me with such a giddy feeling hehe;-)... And as we approach the new year and the restart of our school year...I have been working and praying alot lately to create plans for: Personal, Marriage, Family,and School Goals!:-) And this week me and the kids have been working on one of our school goals...Organization!!.. So we decided to start with our school cabinet and art supplies:-)

( I still can't believe I have managed to not have to buy a second cabinet, thank goodness for the kids work pockets that hold their school books, which frees up space in the cabinet our other stuff)

1st shelf includes: Jars for Pens and Pencils, Colored Pencils and Markers and then a bucket containing other supplies( hole puncher, rulers, paper clips, stapler, rubber bands etc)

2nd shelf includes: Our too cute bags from Buckhead Betties( thanks Aunt Angel!) The first one has my teachers manuals, planners etc, Second one holds books for the kiddos, And the third one is jam packed with notebooks and coloring books)

3rd shelf includes: Puzzles! Mason of course loves this shelf hehe;-)

4th Shelf includes: Another cute bag:-) which contains all our English File Folder games and other baggie games:-), A tub full of extra school supplies( can you believe the kiddos got 10 packs of crayons for Christmas?! lol) and then Mason's Pre-school Container which contains all his Activity Bags:-) The girls Math U See blocks are also down there:-)

Aaaaah this makes my brain happy hehe;-)

And then it was time to organize our art supplies, the kiddos received this for their birthday( also from Buckhead Betties, thanks again Aunt Angel!) and I thought it would be perfect for art supplies since its clear and we could see what was in each pocket! Looooooooove that, our old one didn't have clear pockets, so everything was crammed in there:-/

I have to admit, I sat and stared at this for awhile in giddiness hehe:-)

This may sound simple and silly to some, but for a homeschooling mom of four kiddos, simple organization helps in a HUGE way:-)


  1. I love organization too, so I get what you mean by the "giddiness"! There is somin about the peace of everything in its place! Good job, enjoy! Hope the new year brings an awesome year of homeschooling for your fam!

  2. Very nice! That is way cooler than my stuff crammed on one shelf in the closet. One day I will be this organized! :-)

  3. I TOTALLY get the giddiness!!! After Christmas chaos and traveling for a week and a half, I'll just be happy to not cry when I look at my desk (and the rest of the house at this point) and all our supplies we got before/after/during Christmas. Oh and let's not forget the packing and unpacking chaos added in. So, your organization was a tiny piece of heaven for me to gaze upon ;) Oh, and we have a couple of those buckhead betty bags, but I wasn't sure what to do with them (we used to use them for diapers and now we are not using diapers, so there they sit all sad looking). INSPIRATION!!! :)

  4. I *swoon* at the thought of organizing! Love love love it!! Cleaning? Eh, not so much. But I could organize til the cows come home! I love those polka dot baskets, where did you get those?