Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hands On;)

Some more goodies I found on the homeschool share site!:) These work so great with our "workpocket" system, since the kiddos can just take these to their seat and work independently while I am helping the other one with their work:)

Maddie's Set:

* Number Tree* ( I printed the page out and then laminated the sheet and the numbers, I then placed velcro in the box after Put and on the backs of the numbers, She then places a number in the box and counts out that number of apples and places them in the tree:)

*Number Wheel* ( Printed out the page, laminated it and then wrote the number and the number word on the closepins and she then matches it to the correct number of dots;)

*How Many?* (Printed out the page and laminated sheet, and numbers and number words and then put velcro on them and she is to count the number of bears and then find the correct number and number word)

Morgan's Set:
* Flower Pot Addition*

( Just printed and cut out flower pots and flowers and laminated and then added velcro, and she practices her addition facts:)

*Silly Sentences* ( Printed out, laminated and added magnet strips to the words and she usually uses the pizza pan to practice making silly sentences!:)

*Bible Sketch Artist* ( Awesome dollar store find!, she picks a card and then draws a picture of the word she choose:) fun fun!:)

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