Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Once Again...

I bought MORE school stuff! ha!;) I can't help myself!:) but I have to say that I got an awesome deal on these goodies and just couldn't pass them up!!

Check em out!:)

And here is a description of what all we got!!

Math Puzzles, DK Games
-math skills practice for the first 3 years of school
-for 1-6 players

Under Water Addition Mission, Rainbow Bridge Publishing
-a mathematical twist on the card game "War"

Leap Frog My Card Games: Math Rummy & Alphabet Go Fish
-ready for school skills: addition and subtraction, letter recognition, upper and lower case letters, social interaction, critical thinking skills.

Project Kit for Kids: Magnetism
-components and book for over 20 projects
-examples of projects: floating magnets, magnet racers, test magnets in water, magnetic sculpture, use a compass, levitate a train.

Pocket Pals: Creepy Crawlies, The Complete Kit
-four books
-be-a-bug ID
-wall chart
-board game
-glow-in-the-dark insect and more!

My First Amazing Game Board Book:
-More than 40 activities and games including: numbered dot-to-dot, memory match game, all about me board, hangman, I spy game, magnetic weather board, drawing board, It's about time game board, triple maze, weaving board, letter and number boards, gumball bingo math game, game of opposites, feelings board game with mirror, shoe-tying board with real laces, etc.
-easy to follow instructions included
-comes with erasable markers and built-in storage box
-every page has wipe-off surface
-play alone or with a friend while reinforcing critical thinking skills
-great for travel

Math Bingo: Addition and Subtraction
Math Bingo: Addition and Subtraction

Cookie Monster's Letter of the Day Bingo
-2 ways for all ages to play together
-match letters or match words w/ pictures

YES it has been a fun filled day in the Smith house, we so love new games!!hehe;)

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  1. I too have a school supply addiction!!! I get way more excited then my girls do about our new purchases. I love the new things you got! Good job:)