Sunday, November 1, 2009


We started using the workbox system about a month ago and oh how we LOVE it, we changed it a little to fit our needs and instead bought two pocket charts and so we call our system the Workpocket system hehe;)

Here are some of the basics, though I encourage you to buy Sue's book to really understand the details of how it works! Each child has their own set of 12 pockets. They are set up so that the child can work independently through some of them and others are "work with mom" boxes/pockets The pockets are numbered and the child moves through them sequentially.As the child works through a pocket, the work or activity is then placed into their desk so that they can see their work diminishing. They can see exactly what is expected of them each day and how much they have left to do before their school day is over. They can also see fun things in pockets which helps to motivate them to finish the more difficult pockets I LOVE this system because it has taught my children to become more independent workers and I am able to see what they really are learning..And it helps me stay organized and allows our day to flow more smoothly!..It has also been a blast finding things to put in the pockets! They kiddos love seeing their pockets every morning and can't wait to get started!!:) We are a huge fan here!:) can read more on the system here!:

* Maddie's Workpocket*

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